OnTimeRX 2.6

Award-winning pill reminder software for your Pocket PC

This is the same OnTimeRx medication reminder that has been helping PDA users since 2000. Now available for most Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices and smartphones. Reminders help everyone whether you take 1 pill a day or a pocket-full.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Simple to customize
  • OnTimeRx® dropdown lists can be customized and effectively used in many languages
  • All dropdown lists can be edited to include user-specific medical terms
  • Unlimited alarms will remind you when to take all of your pills
  • Simply tap YES to record taking each dose
  • Store patient 911 information & medical history
  • Keep track of everything you must do for your health

OnTimeRx® buttons:

  • MyMeds a complete list of all of your medications
  • PillTime your complete medication schedule
  • Log a record of all alarm responses
  • 911 your personal medical information
  • Menu tab lists other OnTimeRx® lists and functions

Here's how Easy it is to Use:

When you hear the PDA alarms: Follow the directions on the popup alarm screen
Add Pill Count or Log Notes on the alarm screen
Click the Yes button to log that each alarm event was completed

OnTimeRx® features:

  • Medication Reminders with repeats
  • Automatic snooze alarms
  • Log of alarm responses and details
  • Display of drug supply remaining
  • Compliance rate overall
  • Compliance rates for each drug
  • Personal medical data such as:
  • Allergies, Doctors, Medical Conditions
  • Hospital Admission dates and more
  • Alarm Mute to silence audible alarms temporarily or permanently



OnTimeRX 2.6

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